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 Eurosoft’s technical support team provides continuous assistance to our clients in identifying and resolving problems that arise during the operation of our software using various tools and techniques to avoid any unnecessary downtime. Our experts’technical skills and experience in a wide variety of problems caused by operating systems, applications or hardware failures, can help clients either through the Helpdesk Line, or byusing remote diagnostics and resolution tools like TeamViewer, or by on-site visits. However, in cases of hardware failures on components that were not provided by our company, Eurosoft might need to contact, seek permissions and coordinate with your hardware providers in order for some problems to be resolved. In a nutshell, after the software and hardware implementation, Eurosoft will set up procedures that ensure fast and effective support to our clients in order to avoid any frustration and distress.

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241 Strovolou Avenue, 1st Floor
2049 Strovolos - Nicosia , Cyprus
Telephone: 77777013 Fax: 22514822


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