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 Are you looking for a way to increase your sales and lower your costs? Are you willing to empower your Sales Team and grant them the ability to issue Tenders, Orders, Invoices, Receipts, and other documents on the spot? Eurosoft Business Software presents to you The Eurosoft Companion App. An application designed for Android Smartphones and Tablets that grants to the end-user the ability to display real-time data, such as, product information, customer details, outstanding balances, transaction history, and many more.

Real-Time Data

Our application works with real-time data, which eliminates the need of waiting for your device to synchronize!

Increased Productivity

By presenting instantly to your customers detailed information regarding your inventory, the stock availability, and many more!

Save Time

Being able to prepare orders or waybills for example, as soon as they are issued by the Sales Team!


No need for your Sales Team to carry the old fashion receipt blocks, paper statements, product catalogues, etc.!

A new user friendly application that is very easy to use!

We've adopted the most widely used way of creating Orders and similar documents, which is filling up your "Shopping Cart" and proceeding to the "Checkout" stage! Not only to enhance the ease of using the application, but to also minimize the training, as well as, input effort required from the salespersons!

Instant Product Presentation

Being able to access crucial Product Information at any given moment, like for instance, the available inventory, images, brochures and other important specifications has always been an essential privilage of a salesperson! In addition, knowing the products that a certain customer is most interested in using by analyzing past sales and purchasing patterns with a single touch never gets old!

Basic features at a glance:

  • Multiple Modules
  • Create Tenders, Orders, Invoices, Receipts, etc.
  • Statements, Ageing Analysis, etc.
  • Instant Document Convertion
  • Wireless Printing
  • Direct Document Emailing
  • Customer Contract Prices
  • Stock Availability
  • Products' Catalog
  • Customer Details
  • Salesperson Analytics
  • Access Level Restrictions
  • Multiple Themes

Empower your Sales Team!


Main Driver Screen
Accounting Dashboard
Historical Balances
Accounting Balances
Accounting Details




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