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 Offering a User-Friendly Interface is one of Eurosoft’s top priorities which has proven a very important factor in creating good relationships between users and their software. Our applications were designed based on our customers’ needs and experiences that were gathered through the years from various industries and businesses. Eurosoft’s software is very easy to navigate and it provides the ability of adding personal touches like activating a dashboard with several widgets that can be used to improve the overall productivity of the users, or by changing the software’s theme and making it match to the company’s colors and appearance. Many clients that have tested the software admitted that it is way more appealing than our previous versions and they characterized it as one of the best experiences they had with such a software in their businesses. In addition, updates are installed automatically whenever there are new version releases, avoiding any interruptions or unnecessary visits from our technical support.

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241 Strovolou Avenue, 1st Floor
2049 Strovolos - Nicosia , Cyprus
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